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There is no need for in-person order! You may order your traditional foods with a click by your cell phone and it will be delivered to your home soon!

When you come back home from your work and not in mood of waiting in long lines of Ash & Halim , your orders from famous Tabbakhies  & Restaurants will be delivered to your place soon In Tehran For now!

How does Ojagh work ?!

It will help you to deliver your order from the best and most famous Ashkadeh & Tabbakhi to your home with just a click!

Why are Ojagh online food ordering is needed?

-If the order is delayed %50 discount will be submitted.

-if food was without quality the paid amount is returned

-Delivery orders from the best restraunts with highest quality in Iran

-Food delivery packages, with high quality & best designs

-Easy registration just with your cell number

-Save your favorites addresses

-Automatic locator capability

-Customer services

-Economical & fast delivery

-payment by online or credit wallet

-Possibility of pre-ordering

-Daily orders

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mailto: info@ojaghfood.ir


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  • Approximate location (network-based)
  • Modify/delete SD card contents
  • Full Internet access