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Dunro City Guide will lead you to the perfect spot -- anywhere in IRAN. Get helpful, positive tips from our trusted users community and keep track of where you’ve been and where you want to go, all in one place.

By Dunro, you can

- Access over 500 thousand businesses with short reviews, rates, photos and extra information.

- Search for the best or closest place and find their address and locations on the map.

- Follow your friends activities on dunro and use their daily experiences in the city. You can follow our unfollow them and see dunro’s users activities on Piaderoo.

- Follow the latest events or news from your neighborhood in Piaderoo.

- Get score by your activities on dunro.

- Navigate to different locations on the map and get Snapp.ir taxi by one click.

- Find the best restaurant in the city and order food online by Sanppfood.

- Read short reviews and never miss the best things to order or experience.

- Explore between different categories of businesses

- Have a full and active user account

- See photos, movies, business hours, addresses, telephone numbers, events, … for any business you want

- Search based on addresses

- Share your opinions about various places with others and Check-in that place

- Add your business to Dunro. If you are the owner of a business and haven’t yet added to Dunro, you can add it to Dunro for free.

Tell Dunro what you like or where you want to go, and Dunro helps you in the fastest possible time with the best and most complete information.

Dunro is an advanced product from the Peyke Bartar advertising association large family.

Looking to discover new places nearby? Get the free iPhone app now and “Go Where You Know”.

If there are any questions, you may contact us using the information below.


Num 4, Nader, Valiasr st,



Website: dunro.com


Instagram: @dunrocom



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iBartar is an application for finding local business. You can find restaurants, Stores, markets, Banks, any too many other categories on iBartar. iBartar helps you access to more than 20000 business in Tehran and Karaj.

App Review: iBartar

iBartar is a huge database of local bussines. with this app you can find restaurants, Stores, markets, Banks, any too many other categories on iBartar

iBartar اپلیکیشنی برای جستجوی کسب و کارها و مراکز خدماتی مختلف در شهرهای تهران و کرج

اگر ساکن تهران و کرج هستید، احتمالا با دفترچه‌های تبلیغاتی پیک‌برتر آشنا هستید. این دفترچه‌ها حاوی تبلیغات مغازه‌ها، رستوران‌ها، مراکز آرایشی و بهداشتی، باشگاه‌های ورزشی و سایر مراکز خدماتی اطراف محل سکونت شما هستند که ماهیانه به منازل شهروندان در محله‌های مختلف شهر به صورت رایگان ارسال می‌شوند.

an application for searching in the city

Having the right tool for searching in the city, can avoid a lot of confusion and waste of time and money there. App "superior" means to search for businesses and utilities in your phone. This app is the latest product to come from all corners of the city center Pykbrtr advertising is news. He knows what kind of businesses in the region are working with both distribution and services. If you are looking for a specific business area were identified, it is "superior" on your phone.

ibartar is the database for local businesses

iBartar is an application for finding local business. You can find restaurants, Stores, markets, Banks, any too many other categories on iBartar. iBartar helps you access to more than 20000 business in Tehran and Karaj.

نقد و بررسی آی برتر

در اطراف ما، مشاغل متعددی وجود دارند که جهت گذران امور زندگی به همه آنها نیازمندیم. در این میان، انتخاب محل مناسب با بهترین کیفیت سرویس دهی همواره برای افراد اهمیت داشته است و علاوه بر این، هرکس سعی میکند تا به نزدیکترین محل در اطراف خود دسترسی داشته باشد. جستجوی فیزیکی مکان های موردنظر، کار معقولانه ای به نظر نمیرسد و به همین دلیل باید از روش های آسان تر و سریعتر استفاده نمود. برنامه ای که در ادامه معرفی میکنیم، “آی برتر” نام دارد و در این زمینه به شما یاری میرساند. با نقد و بررسی این اپلیکیشن اندرویدی، همراه ما باشید.