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Pro Memo Recorder - Voice Recorder Pro

Voice recorder to record a voice/memo, capture several pictures and add several tags for the recording voice/memo in a user-friendly environment.

Pro Memo Recorder - Voice Recorder Pro – Full application for Android smartphones and tablets.

Professional Voice Memo Recorder: Record voice memos on your Android phone freely with the quality and more easily with this free voice recorder! Just a slight percentage of people prefer to write!

This free voice memo recorder gives you these options to record a voice memo, capture several pictures and add several tags for the recording voice with the quality, in a user-friendly environment, and it doesn't matter if you're studying in class or at a conference; actually you can use this free digital audio recorder everywhere and every time freely.

By recording a memo/voice with this free recorder app you can have a quick search  and you are able to find the voices/memos/information you need and you don't have to look through a pile of handouts; moreover this free sound recorder app arranges its contents for you and you can add tags and pictures for each recording voice unlimitedly.

if you are:

★ Student: you can record your professor voice/memo with capturing several pictures for the voice and add several tags to your class!

★ Reporter: you can capture voices/memos everywhere with the quality and in a user-friendly application

★ Businessman: you can save the voice/memo of your meeting every time with its pictures and tags

★ Expertise: You can record the voice/memo of your conferences with its pictures and add several tags to remember important hints about the conference


You can use easily this free voice recorder product for recording your professor's voice at class or record the voice/memo of your meeting with capture pictures and put some tags for voice file.

Some of this professional memo voice recorder facilities are:

★ You can record voice with quality.

★ You can play, pause, stop audio file.

★ You can capture several pictures during recording the voice

★ You can specify several tags during recording the voice/memo

★ You can search between recorded voice/memo based on their tags

★ You can categorize and classify recorded voice/memo in different folders

★ You can rename the created folder or the recorded voice/memo file

★ You can share recorded voice/memo file with other people more easily

★ You can delete created folder or recorded voice with its picture in order to manage your phone sd card resources

★ You can enjoy the simple user interface, easy to use.

★ You can record the voice in the background (even when the display is off)

This professional audio recorder supported by a dynamic and professional team developer that try to find the newest and the best options for this app and of course we are going to see your comments and feedback in order to fill gaps. Also, this is a free voice recorder and will remain free forever.

If you have any comments or feedback you can share with us via registration in the google play comments section or send email for our team directly by:

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  • Control vibration
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  • Run at startup
  • Modify/delete SD card contents
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  • Full Internet access
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