Monument Valley

Category Puzzle
Active Installs 2,000+
Size 241.4 MB
Version 2.4.23
Offers IAP purchases


In Monument Valley you will manipulate impossible architecture and guide a silent princess through a stunningly beautiful world.

Monument Valley is a surreal exploration through fantastical architecture and impossible geometry. Guide the silent princess Ida through mysterious monuments, uncovering hidden paths, unfolding optical illusions and outsmarting the enigmatic Crow People.

Please note Monument Valley's default language is English. A Farsi in-game translation is not currently available.

Forgotten Shores: Eight new chapters of adventure and illusion available now as a separate purchase.

Ida's Dream now available.


One of the very finest hours, and the value of such a thing is incalculable - Kotaku

Brilliant design... stayed with me like a dream I didn't want to forget... 9/10 - Polygon

Monument Valley stuns with its serenity... each screen is a work of art - Huffington Post

Almost impossibly gorgeous... a feast for your senses... 5/5 - Touch Arcade

Monument Valley is the most elegant game i have ever played - Tim Schafer



Inspired by minimalist 3D design, optical illusions and palaces and temples from around the world, every monument is a unique, hand-crafted world to explore.


Twist and drag to reshape the world and help Ida to explore. Designed to be easy for everyone to pick up, enjoy and complete.


Audio reacts to your manipulation of the world to provide a surreal and beautiful soundscape. Best experienced with headphones.


  • Payment through Bazaar
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  • Modify/delete SD card contents
  • Full Internet access
  • View Wi-Fi connections
  • Prevent device from sleeping
  • Check license

In Media

بررسی بازی Monument Valley؛ یک شاهکار هنری

طرفداران دنیای بازی‎های موبایل قطعا عناوین زیادی را از یاد نمی‎برند که یکی از آن‎ها بازی Monument Valley است که با طراحی متفاوت، رنگ‎پردازی آرامش‎بخش و همچنین موسیقی متن عالی شما را تا ماه‎ها درگیر می‎کند. در این مطلب قصد بررسی این عنوان زیبا و هنری را داریم پس تا انتها همراه بازیاتو باشید.

نقد و بررسی بازی موبایلی Monument Valley، شاهکاری از جنس خطای دید!

در این مقاله قصد داریم با یک فلش‌بک به گذشته بازگشته و به بازسازی خاطره‌های خود از شاهکار بازی‌های موبایلی یعنی «Monument Valley» بپردازیم. با نقد و بررسی این بازی با عصرارتباط همراه باشید.