ITM - Internet Traffic Meter

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Don't worry about Internet Data Usage more !

Manage your Android's data usage with ITM. o_O


Tested on devices like:

✔️  Asus 

✔️  Lenovo

✔️  Samsung

✔️  htc

✔️  Sony

✔️  LG

✔️  Huawei

✔️  Xiaomi

✔️  IMet


ITM is a lightweight, easy to use and automatic tool which keeps your internet data usage and let  you know what's happening  in your phone.


ITM is smart enough to monitor your Internet data usage automatically.

ITM provides detailed  information in multiple forms. Therefore it's very  easy to use.



Smart monitoring system.

Well designed interface.

Smart notification which shows internet speed as well as Mobile/WiFi data usage.

Integrated internet data plan management system.

Logging usage by applications in details.

Provides statistics about data usage in custom range.

Detailed information  about data usage.

Detailed  information  about applications' data usage.

And more...





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Reset stats feature added
User interface refined
FAQ updated
Partial bugs fixed

Prior to Version v5.1:

Overall statistics added
User interface improved
Today summary added  to popup window
Bug fixed
Android 2.3.3 is now supported


  • Modify/delete SD card contents
  • Control vibration
  • Full Internet access
  • Run at startup
  • Connect and disconnect from Wi-Fi
  • Change network connectivity
  • View network connections
  • View Wi-Fi connections

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English language is not supported yet! If you wish to have an English version of the ITM, then please send your request, so we can make a decision about it.