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Have Arsenal at your fingertips with the official Arsenal App for Android phones and tablets.

The club's new-look App is free, faster than ever and has all the information any fan could want - live match updates, breaking news, interviews, tables, fixtures and player profiles.

Visit our Match section for live text commentary and the latest team news plus previews and reports. Then watch the highlights and see Unai Emery deliver his post-match verdict in our video section available for FREE for all Digital Members.

And don't miss our new features, including matchday galleries that take you behind the scenes at Emirates Stadium.


• Live audio and video for press conferences, the Match Day Show, and selected academy matches.
• LIVE text commentary, team news and other scores
• Match highlights
• Picture galleries from every game
• Latest news, table and fixtures
• Push notifications for goals, starting XI, half-time and full-time scores, and more
• Player profiles
• Exclusive video interviews with Unai and players

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